Training and Workshops for Restoration Professionals

For those who want to promote process-based restoration, actively implement it or help others coexist with beaver, the Methow Beaver Project offers practical hands-on workshops, classes, and sites tours to beaver focused organizations and stream/watershed/riparian restoration professionals.

These knowledge sharing opportunities provide practical tools and ideas for long-term beaver management, coexistence and habitat restoration.

MBP established many of the beaver handling techniques in use today and we openly disseminate our knowledge to the beaver restoration/relocation community.

We offer informal small one-on-one workshops on trapping, handling, monitoring, housing, and safety protocols. These classes are done per request.

Large scale formal technique workshops are also offered on occasion.

Resources for Beaver Conservation Groups and Restoration Professionals

MBP has a long history of beaver restoration in North Central Washington State and we believe in sharing our collective knowledge and experiences with other beaver relocators and restoration organizations. We do so by actively contributing to the growing body of scientific knowledge through academic and professional presentations, sharing restoration design techniques and co-existence strategies, provide hands-on trainings and workshops, and actively participate in the Washington State Beaver Working Group.


Training and Workshops for the Restoration and Beaver Management Professional

Are you planning or developing a beaver relocation project and what to learn the practical how to's of trapping, transporting, handling, husbandry, and field monitoring? MBP can assist you in acquiring these skills. MBP staff members are Permitted Beaver Relocators with Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.


"We learned so much! Our training with the team at MBP provided us a comprehensive grounding in beaver habitat, success factors, best practices for humane beaver handling to minimize stress and more. We're so grateful for the 'head-exploding' (in a good way) learnings and gracious hospitality fielding every crazy question we asked."

- BWO Crew at Beaver Works Oregon